Such an important and deeply disturbing topic! Thank you for delving into this pile of shit and exposing it. I've never watched pornography, and cannot imagine how anyone would consent to participating in it (unless being paid for it and desperate for the money) nor why anyone would enjoy watching it (unless in a state of desperation and totally disconnected from oneself). In my mind, pornography has always been the pits of depravity. Now it turns out there is worse ~ deepfake porn! And among kids!!

As a "character-assassination / stalking-survivor" I can totally imagine the devastating impact.

Thank you so much for sharing 💕🙏

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Thanks for your response! The problem persists b/c no one wants to look at it…it’s a huge and growing shadow and another drag on the health and wellbeing of our young people and society in general. Since the advent of the internet, porn has taken a really ugly turn. If that’s the de facto sex ed for kids, we’re in trouble. 😔

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absolutely. I fully agree with you. It is deeply disturbing and such a core issue, because it affects everything! relationships, family, physical, emotional, mental, and sexual health... it just keeps the trauma machine fuelled ~ and it's even "legal"! I find it hard to get my head around this.

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